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A spicy, holiday rom com - Available November 24th

Cat has made some life-changing, albeit rash, decisions. Everyone thinks her life is perfect, but she’s packed everything she owns into her crappy car, fled the state and ghosted her boyfriend of seven years. Things aren’t quite going the way she always thought they would, but it’s nothing some Christmas carols and a fresh start can’t fix, right?


Big Timber Acres, a horse ranch in Montana, is where she’ll be for the next year. The perfect setting for her to find herself and move on. There’s just one problem and his name is Oliver, an Australian cowboy, who’s the lead ranch hand. It’s an instant clash of waring personalities, sexual tension and snarky banter.


When the ranch gets some big news, the duo is thrust into even more emotional turmoil. Will they be able to put their feelings for each other aside and work together for the sake of the ranch? 


Find out in Sleigh You'll Stay


This spicy, winter romcom has everything you want in a book:

enemies to lovers, witty banter, sizzling romance and more. 



The Evamore Series - Book 1

The remnants of the United Kingdom of Garth, once ruled by the legendary Dynasty of Evamores are in the throes of conflict. Ten years ago, King Wren of the West discovered Raelle washed up on the shores of the Balour Sea, with no memory of the first nine years of her life. She was brought back to the castle and dutifully cared for and cherished by the king and his three older sons. On her nineteenth birthday, the Western Kingdom’s adoptive princess is secretly sent away by her stepmother to marry King Veras as a token of peace between the kingdoms. But, the Northern King has other plans.

As Raelle’s amnesia melts away with the help of a northern storyteller, she discovers more about the Kingdom of Garth, magic, the lovetie connection of the Evamores, and her role in the grand scheme of things. She is confused, angry, and curiously comfortable in the North.

A dark shadow overcasts all the kingdoms, and a threatening influence of the fallen god Kellar seems to spread among the people, inciting disorder and violence. While the fate of the kingdoms may rest on Raelle's shoulders, she can’t help but feel kingdomless. Betrayal is everywhere, from her own adoptive family to her newfound friends.


Fearless, observant, witty and determined, she is torn between her attraction to King Veras’ good nature and the unexplained pull to the Tracker Calak. The challenge that she faces is not simple. As the old gods, laws and magic awaken, so does her own sense of self. There is a choice to be made, step into the role expected of her, or to dive into the unknown and make her own destiny.

This YA fantasy novel asks the reader important coming of age questions, captures the attention with witty dialogue, relatable characters, and a world that is reawakening its forgotten magic. The readers will be entranced and hungry for more (and perhaps a piece of chocolate cake).

ISBN 13: 978-1-7780916-1-2 (ebook)

ISBN 13: 978-1-7780916-2-9 (Hardcover)

ISBN 13: 978-1-7780916-0-5 (Paperback on Amazon)



The Evamore Series - Book 2

Rightful ruler of all four kingdoms.  Adopted princess from the West.

Formally betrothed to the Northern king. Now prisoner of the Eastern Army.

Raelle continues to discover who she truly is and the magnitude of her destiny. Yet, after a failed attempt to rescue King Veras from Castle Mount, she becomes a prisoner herself. The fallen god, Kellar, and his followers have set their sights on a lovetie forming between King Veras and Raelle. But is it the king or the tracker who truly holds her heart?

Reclaiming the Kingdoms and fixing the damage caused by Kellar threatens to overwhelm Raelle. But, with the devotion of her friends and the fierce love of her family, she must find a way to forge forward, even when the missing pieces of her past show promise of victory or irreparable heartbreak.

There is an uprising being born in the North. Alliances are forming between former enemies, past loves, and the resurgence of the demigods. The road to victory must be paved through unity and forgiveness, but is that too high of a price to pay? Can there be trust in the wake of such deep betrayal?

Forging Hope is the second installment in The Evamore Series directly following the events of Kingdomless. It is a New Adult Fantasy Romance filled with adrenaline infused battles, swoon worthy moments, and even more witty banter.

The next question you have to ask yourself is chocolate cake or vanilla pudding?

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